Sports Massage   

Sports Massage

Physical excellence requires more than just hard training. Rest, relaxation and recovery are just as important; that’s where sports massage can play a crucial role.

Among other benefits, sports massage reduces fatigue, promotes healing, reduces recovery time, enhances endurance, increases flexibility and helps to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

The strokes and techniques used reduce tension and stress, which accumulate in the body’s soft tissues.

Many of our clients are professional and semi-professional sports players or physical performers. At that level, regular sports massage is part of a weekly routine without which elite performance is simply not possible.

Sports massage however, is not just for athletic clients. We treat a large number of office workers and businessmen and women, who use this form of treatment to release their muscles. Tightness and aches develop from repetitive postures in any working environment or lifestyle.

Another excellent benefit of sports massage is an improvement in tissue mobility. Clients consistently find that they have a greater range of movement and better posture after a treatment.

Sports massage is also used; to help lymphatic flow, in friction massage techniques to prevent excessive scar tissue from forming, and to provide great relief to over-stretched tissue.

Targeting deep muscles and tendons, sports massage may not always be comfortable, but the effects are profound and lasting. The deeper and shorter stroking techniques used in sports massage, stimulate the circulation of the blood. This is not only beneficial to the local tissue but can help improve the health of other systems of the body. This in turn, can also help the client to relax better and recover quicker after an injury.

We work closely with physiotherapists to integrate sports massage as part of the rehabilitation program of individuals on the road to full recovery.