Joint mobilisations   

Joint mobilisations

Joint mobilisations are a manual therapy technique used in physiotherapy, which aim to improve the pain, range of movement, muscle spasm and quality of movement of the specific joint being treated and the surrounding structures. The joints on which the mobilisations are applied can be our peripheral joints (shoulders, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankles, hands and feet) or our spinal joints.

The affected joints are assessed and if required, the joint is mobilised (moved) into a different position through the application of specific positioning and amplitude of movement by which the joint movement is restored. Joint mobilisations are appropriate for individuals who are experiencing reduced movement in their joint, which could have occurred as a result of general joint stiffness, injury, muscle spasm, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), arthritic joints, recovery from post-op procedures as well as long term pain.

In addition to having joint mobilisations as part of a treatment plan, manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release and myofascial release can also be incorporated to ensure the surrounding muscles are free from restriction. Subsequent corrective exercises and biomechanics assessment may also be provided depending on individual requirements from treatment.

In order to determine whether joint mobilisations would be an effective adjunct to your management plan, during your appointment you will undergo a subjective assessment, in which we ask you a series of questions to understand the background to the presenting issue and determine the nature and source of the problem. There are contraindications to using joint mobilisations and this something which your physiotherapist will ask you about during your assessment session.

These findings, along with a plan to restore your mobility are discussed with you. Once you have undergone joint mobilisation treatments, your physiotherapist will also provide you with exercises which are based on the principles of mobility, flexibility and strength to ensure the carry over benefit from your treatment is maintained.