Amy Thackeray

Sports Massage Therapist

Amy Thackeray is a Level 4 sports massage therapist.

She likes the different people that you meet through the job, and that there is always something to discover and learn about.

Clients come to her to release muscle tension, maintain a good range of movement, reduce fatigue, and to prevent injuries. During a treatment, she looks at postural and muscular imbalances, asking a client to carry out range of movement tests to get a clearer understanding of what is going on with the muscles and fascia in question.

The type of clients Amy usually sees are officer workers, performers, runners, people in training, or people that travel a lot for work.
The problems she often treats can range from a repetitive strain, or issues caused from bad posture, stress or an area of tightness from overuse.
As a therapist, she uses a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, fascial release, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques to optimize the treatment. These are applied according to the client’s specific needs.

From an initial consultation with Amy, you will discuss the problem and a plan going forward to correct this. She will give advice and show stretches and strengthening exercises to work on before the next treatment.

Amy is also qualified in sports and kinesiology taping.